Richard E. Myers II, of Kingston, JA, Recently Nominated for US Federal Judge

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Richard E. Myers was born in Kingston, Jamaica and lived there for several years before migrating to Miami (at 10 years old) and later to North Carolina (at 14). Myers received his education (Bachelors, Masters and Law Degrees) from the University of North Carolina. It wasn’t until the events of 9/11 that he decided to pursue becoming a Prosecutor. Throughout his career, he has worked in several positions including Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Journalist and now a Law Professor at his alma mater.

On August 14, Trump nominated the professor to be a federal judge in the Eastern District of North Carolina. The post has been vacant since January 2006, making it the longest federal judge vacancy in America. The position has been vacant for 13 years due to the habit of US Senators in blocking the confirmation of nominees (this is done by a simple majority vote that is required to confirm or reject a nominee).

Myers is seemingly a good pick. North Carolina’s two senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis have both voiced their support for Myers as the new federal judge. In a statement, Tills said, “Myers’ prosecutorial work, as well as his well-deserved reputation as one of our state’s best legal scholars provide him with the background and qualifications required to serve the Eastern District with distinction”.

If Senate accepts Myers’ nomination, even though blacks account for 30 percent of the district’s population, he will be the Eastern District of North Carolina’s first black federal judge.

As a race, it is always heartwarming to see a black man do great things such as these, but it is particularly great to see it being done by a man who once used to be known as just an immigrant.

We are never able to forget that one point in time, we were all just descendants of immigrants. We sure have evolved, haven’t we? Now we move mountains as political figures, preachers, teachers, doctors, CEOs and the list goes on and on. Because of one brave decision made by the head of a household to pack up and move their family on to better, we get to reap these beautiful fruits of our ancestor’s labor.

I want you to take a moment think of something you are thankful for having the opportunity to accomplish as a direct effect of your family taking the plunge to move on to better, smile and thank God. May you continue to bless the world with your gift and pass on the same idea that anything is possible with a little hard work and intent to your future generations.



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