Top 5 Chart Toppers: Jamaica

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As people, though we may come from far and wide, our ability to express ourselves through music always remains the same. Everyone loves to groove to a rocking beat. It is the highlight of any party. Other than the food, people will always remember a gathering for its good rhythms that had (or didn’t have) the guests moving. This summer, we were blessed with some tunes that rocked the charts week after week. Now, we travel to Jamaica for this month’s rendition of “Top 5 Chart Toppers.”

1. Toast by Koffee

This vibrant new face of Jamaica has remained #1 on the charts all summer long. Her single, “Toast”, celebrates all of life’s blessings. Thanking God for the journey, its ups and downs and reminding those listening to remain humble once the success finally comes. It is a feel-good song that is very hard to not “buss a toast” to no matter where you are when it is heard.

2. Contra La Pared by J. Balvin, Sean Paul

We all know Sean Paul from his biggest hits “Get Busy”, “Temperature” and “I’m Still In Love With You”. The new face, J. Balvin, is a Colombian reggaeton recording artist. Along with “Contra La Paeed”, he has been featured on other popular songs such as Cardi B’s “I Like It”. Though the song may be a little hard to understand, because of his parts being in Spanish, the beat takes over your body almost forcing you to tap a toe, bop a head or rock a shoulder … and that Is at the very least.

3. Medication by Damian Marley, Stephen Marley

Imagine an old school beat with a new age feel and you have the formula to this hit. Damian Marley’s third album, “Stony Hill”, was released in 2017 and still holds a spot in Jamaica’s top 5 charted this summer. That alone should make you eager to tune in. In case you were unaware, Damian and Stephen are the children of the late Bob Marley. Some say Damian is the one who sounds most like his father. If you haven’t already, give this tune a listen and see if you agree.

4. Rapture (Remix) by Govana, Koffee

In this tune, Koffee and Govana are owning their talent and impact on the beat. “Koffee come in like a rapture”, wreaking havoc on the game of music that she has, what almost seems like overnight, dominated. She doesn’t forget to give back in any way she can, as pointed out several times by Govana. Though we love to whine and have our fun, it is nice to hear sensible lyrics that still make you want to dance all night, and that is exactly what the world gets from a tune like this.

5. Any Weather by Vybz Kartel

From day one, Vybz Kartel has not disappointed his fans. That is why his spot on the top 5 charts should not be a surprise. Kartel is known for his party anthems and we must make sure to add this new song to that long list. If you listen closely, it is in his intention to motivate those listening through the topic chosen. “All ghetto youth, get your money longer” and the words to follow in the chorus expresses the want for his people to make something better for themselves and we hope they all don’t take that suggestion lightly.

Each month we will debunk different areas “Top Charters” so we can all become well versed, or even get introduced to something new to groove to. If you listened to any of the songs listed above, let us know how you felt about them. Did you have a favorite? What area in the Caribbean would you all like to see featured next?



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