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Whether we know it’s just time for a wash or a style we spent hours on didn’t come out right, in the land of hair, not every day is a beautiful day in paradise.

We struggle to fit our hair under turbans and hats or slick an afro puff up which, in some cases, end up doing more harm than good because of the conditions we are putting our hair through as the only thought on our minds is getting out the door looking decent.

We have found these two holy grail “hair hacks” perfect for bad hair days that will love your hair just as much as you’ll love your look and the convenience.

Beautifully Warm

Beautifully Warm is a family-run business, committed to promoting affordable and fashionable outerwear clothing and accessories.

Mission Statement: We believe that in today’s world all women can preserve the integrity of their hair and look good doing so, no matter the age. Our product can support your needs from day into night with either outerwear winter hats, summer hats and hair scarfs or bonnets for bedtime. We also have new lines of products and styles being designed to fit your desired style.

Their Story: One morning as we were getting ready for church, I watched my wife carefully detangle and style my daughter’s naturally curly hair; nothing different from any other early Sunday morning. As usual, my wife bribed 2-year-old Amelia with snacks and her favorite cartoon “Peppa Pig” to keep her still. Twenty minutes later my wife was finished styling Amelia’s hair; It was magnificent, in my opinion, and embodied the Nubian princess that she is.  As we walked out the door, the cold winters morning air welcomed us. I grabbed Amelia’s winter hat and put it on her head and of course the hairstyle was ruined…. again. Choosing between being warm or having neat hair wasn’t much of a consideration. The obvious choice was to keep my daughter protected from the harsh, cold air. That’s when it hit me, why should she have to choose between being warm or having nicely, neat styled hair? All she needed was a satin lined hat to keep her hair moisturized and frizz free. However, finding a hat like that for a toddler was nearly impossible and hence Beautifully Warm products was born!

Culture Cap

The cap gives you the ability to fit some or all of your hair through the stretchy band, giving the illusion of your hair effortlessly sticking out the back.

[vc_video link=”″ title=”Culture Cap Promo”]

Newow Headwear

Their Story: We started offering Luxury trendy African inspired fashion & accessories at affordable prices. All our garments are made with unique premium fabric. We have a commitment to ourselves that we’ll keep bringing elegant head wraps for our customers because in the end elegance is only beauty that never fades.

The nice thing about these wraps is that the base of it is built like a bonnet. Instead of struggling to find the perfect technique, you just throw the cap part over your head and tie the ends. As you can see from the video above, it gives the illusion of a turban made from a yard of fabric instead of how it actually is. The face that each turban is lined with satin fabric is a plus.

[vc_video link=”″ align=”center” title=”Headwrap Tutorial”]

Would you be interested in trying either one (or both) of the hair hacks listed? Do you know somebody who has?

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