Minds Up, Stigmas Down: Live Mental Health Panel

Raising awareness of the importance of mental health in Caribbean culture helps to normalize and ends the stigma… Many people suffer in silence because they don’t know how to seek help…We want to dispel the myths and taboo surrounding mental health…

TUNE IN to @islandtvnetwork or @Lunionsuite IG, Twitter and Facebook (@TheHaitianAmerican) Live streams Wednesday, Feb 20th for a packed discussion on mental health in the Caribbean community, featuring an amazing panel of mental health professionals.

Marline Francois-Madden, LCSW @marlinefrancois

Mathew Jean, LMFT @matjeanius
Sara Elysee, LMHC @saraelyseeofficial
Franchesca Fontus, LMFT @franchescafontus_
Georgia Bryce, MFT @georgiabatpllc

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