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Who Are We?

Island TV is a 24-hour Caribbean TV Network based in Florida, serving the Afro-Caribbean communities for the past 25 years. Island TV offers traditional and VOD distribution methods, and is available on cable, over-the-air, and digital platforms, everywhere.

Island TV is available in the United States, in 13 Caribbean islands, on website streaming, and via its constantly expanding digital platform, currently including: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple & Android Mobile Apps.

Programs are produced in either English, Creole or French, making it a versatile and inclusive network. With diverse video content ranging from news/politics, to entertainment, gospel and more, Island TV gives its viewers a refreshing new perspective on the Caribbean culture.

Island TV, striving to become the leading Afro-Caribbean TV Network, is committed to promoting and celebrating Caribbean heritage.


Tropik Network started broadcasting in 2007. With the mission of sharing relevant issues, interests, and concerns to the Haitian Communities, Tropik TV has been committed to educating and entertaining.

Island TV has been a 24-hour Haitian television network, broadcasting in English and Creole on Comcast , the largest cable entity in USA, reaching a million households, since 1996, being a vital source of information and entertainment for the Haitian diaspora in South Florida.

Tropik Network and Island TV, serving the Caribbean communities, have joined their resources to create a new force in the television industry. Today, we are one: we are Island TV and we are Celebrating 25 Years On The Air!


In November 2017, Fatima Group (a Béliard family-owned business) acquired the controlling shares of Island TV. Today, Island TV is owned by Fatima Group, Elizabeth Guérin, Tamara Philippeaux, and Jean-Robert-Philippeaux.

Island TV