Who are We?

Island TV is a dynamic communication company that serves as a premier platform for the global dissemination of Caribbean culture and experiences globally. Our distinctive 24-hour programming, available in English, French, and Creole, is accessible through international streaming platforms and cable networks, with concentrated viewers in Florida and LATAM.

The company has been successfully repositioned from catering solely to an intracultural audience, specifically the Haitian community, to engaging a diverse international audience. Today, Island TV proudly offers two live television channels: Island TV, which continues to serve its loyal Haitian viewers by airing mostly Creole content, and Island TV+, which caters to a more diverse audience by broadcasting mostly English programming.

Island TV is a valuable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of the Caribbean community.

Meet the Partners

In November 2017, Fatima Group (a Béliard family-owned business) acquired the controlling shares of Island TV. Today, Island TV is owned by Fatima Group, Elizabeth Guérin, Tamara B. Rodriguez, and Christalie Windsor.