About Us

History & Team

Who Are We?

Island TV is a Television Network based in South Florida serving the Afro-Caribbean communities for the past 26 years. Island TV offers traditional and VOD distribution methods, and is available on cable, over-the-air, and digital platforms, everywhere.

We created the best and largest Caribbean media platform, offering much needed opportunities and exposure to talented Caribbean producers for their creative content.

Island TV celebrates Black history, culture and entertainment all year long. Our programs are produced in either English, Creole, or French, making us a very versatile and inclusive station. With 24 hours of programming covering news, concerts, entertainment, politics, and talk shows. Island TV gives its viewers a refreshing new perspective on the Haitian and Caribbean culture.

Meet the Partners

In November 2017, Fatima Group (a Béliard family-owned business) acquired the controlling shares of Island TV. Today, Island TV is owned by Fatima Group, Elizabeth Guérin, Tamara B. Rodriguez, and Christalie Windsor.